If you want to maintain perfect beard, then there are endless benefits of using a stubble trimmer. It makes your life easy and saves you lots of time, money, and effort. However, there are many trimmers available on the market. So, choosing the right one can seem to be an overwhelming thing.

best stubble beard trimmers for the perfect beard review

Top 6 Stubble Trimmers

If you are looking around for the best stubble trimmers to maintain a perfect beard every time, then you should consider some key factors. Here is a list of 6 top stubble trimmers based on the evaluation of some crucial factors like trimming abilities, length settings, battery life, and a series of additional features.

SUPRENT Adjustable Beard Trimmer, All-in-one Beard Trimmer for Men with Li-ion Battery, Fast Charge, Long-Lasting Use, 19 Built-in Precise Lengths, USB Charging

It is an all-in-one beard trimmer, featuring a staggering 19 length settings with steps of 0.5mm. Besides, it has some unique overcharge and over-discharge protection features for the battery. Some of the best features of the SUPRENT trimmer is given below.

Trimming Ability: It features titanium-coated 211-grade stainless steel blades that ensure advanced and smooth cutting every time. Thus, these unique blades prevent any kind of skin irritation. It has a 3.6V DC, powerful motor that guarantees you get a fast and clean trim. Also, the titanium blades don’t wear down over time.

Length Settings: There are 19 highly precise length settings to choose from, which you can control in the increments of 0.5mm. Thus, it means you get total control over your beard length and style.

Battery Life: It is powered by a 600mAh Lithium-Ion battery that provides an overall 70 minutes of cordless operation after 1.5 hours of a full charge. There is a special protection feature of over-discharge and over-charge. So, if you leave the trimmer plugged in, then you don’t have to worry about any damage. You can charge this trimmer through USB cable, making it an excellent travel companion.

Additional Features: The blade cutter is detachable. Moreover, you can easily wash it under running water.


  • Powerful motor
  • 70 minutes of cordless use
  • Titanium coated blades


  • Learning all the settings can take some time
Conair Man i-Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer; Pivoting Flex Head; 15 Digital Settings ranging from 0.4mm to 5.0mm; Grey

Conair Man i-Stubble Ultimate Flexhead trimmer features a flexible pivoting head, comes with 15 length settings that you can control electronically, and a flip back guide comb.

Trimming Ability: It features an exclusive floating contouring head that keeps track of your facial contours. Thus, it implies that you get more control and comfort. Also, the chemically etched 60° trimming arcs help provide clean and sharp trims every time.

Length Settings: The unique electronic length control feature offers 15 adjustable settings. Likewise, the length is adjustable from 0.4mm to 5mm using the LCD panel. As a result, you can achieve a custom stubble look of your choice with high precision.

Battery Life: A full charge of 16 hours allows an overall 45 minutes of cordless operation.

Additional Features: A unique rubber handle has a soft grip, which makes trimming easy, comfortable, and with optimal control.


  • Unique LCD
  • Follows facial contours
  • Up to 15 length settings


  • Takes up to 16 hours for a full charge
Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Mustache, Beard and Stubble Trimmer Kit (4 pieces), Black

The Remington MB4040 offers long cordless runtime, three titanium-infused ground blades, and nine length settings, among other benefits.

Trimming Ability: Three precision-ground, self-sharpening blades are titanium coated. The durable and longer-lasting blades provide easy and quick cuts every time. Also, the edges are perfectly ground, assuring that your trimmer never snags or pulls. You can use the three different blades for stubble, goatee, and beard trimming. The motor produces up to 2 times the torque compared to its predecessor.

Length Settings: There are nine length settings to choose from. The adjustable lengths range from 1.5mm to 18mm, providing a high level of versatility.

Battery Life: The Lithium battery provides up to 120 minutes of cordless operation. A full recharge, however, takes up to 16 hours. According to the company, the battery life is four times more than its predecessor model.

Additional Features: The quick-release button allows you to change and clean the blades with ease. Also, a zoom wheel makes it a breeze to adjust the lengths.


  • Up to 2 hours of continuous cordless operation
  • Length settings from 1.5mm to 18mm
  • Titanium-coated blades


  • Takes 16 hours for a full recharge
  • Not suited for wet use
Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer BT3210 41 - cordless grooming, rechargable, adjustable length, beard, stubble, and mustache

The Philips Norelco BT3210/41 offers the perfect combination of features to become an excellent beard trimmer. It has ten length settings that can be adjusted easily, powerful Li-Ion battery, durable blades that are smooth on the skin, and many other features.

Trimming Ability: It has exceptional skin-friendly blades with rounded tips. Thus, it ensures smooth skin contact every time, preventing any risks of scratches or irritation. Also, the unique lift-and-trim comb means that the comb can grab the low-lying hair more effectively. The DualCut blades provide an even and fast trim every time. Lastly, the self-sharpening blades maintain their sharpness for long.

Length Settings: You can set up to 10 lengths, each apart in steps of 1mm. There is a twist-and-zoom wheel to allow you to choose the desired length setting and pick it with ease.

Battery Life: The Lithium-Ion battery can provide up to 90 minutes of cordless operation, which is excellent for a trimmer.

Additional Features: The head can be easily detached, allowing more comfortable and faster cleaning. Lastly, this Philips Norelco 3000 Series trimmer has an ergonomic design, making it easy to hold and use.


  • Up to 90 minutes of cordless use
  • Special DualCut blades


  • It takes 8 hours to get a full charge
Hangsun Hair Beard Trimmer Hair Clippers HC360 Rechargeable Body Mustache Stubble for Men Cordless Grooming Haircut Kit with Interchangeable T and U Blades, 5 Blade Combs, Cleaning Brush, Base Dock

The Hangsun HC360 is also the right choice if you are looking for an all-rounder. It features unique-shaped blades for optimal cutting and styling. Furthermore, its ergonomic design is outstanding, and it offers excellent control over hair length.

Trimming Ability: There are two unique, stainless steel blades in this trimmer. It includes a T-shaped blade designed for cutting hair on the head. Besides, the U-shaped blade is for chin, neckline, sideburns, and body. The blades have anti-scratch properties.

Length Settings: The T-blade has four combs with length adjustability from 3mm to 12mm in increments of 3mm. The U-blade has a single comb that allows you to adjust hair length from 3mm to 7mm, with an increase of 1mm. Thus, it is easy to create a personal look and style.

Battery Life: This trimmer provides up to 45 minutes of cordless trimming. It has a NiMH battery that takes around 8 hours for a full charge. Also, it comes with a non-contact charging base. Besides, there is an LED light to alert the charge status or low battery.

Additional Features: It has an ergonomically designed slim body that is easy and comfortable to grip and control. The no-slip grip further adds to the experience. The blade is removable and washable, allowing you to clean it with ease.


  • Features special contact-less charging base
  • Unique T and U-shaped blades


  • Takes up to 8 hours for a full charge
Conair Stubble Trimmer 14-Piece Grooming System

It is a versatile trimmer for achieving any style and look of your choice. That’s because it comes with multiple combs and attachments to get the desired looks. The pivoting head can move in various positions that further adds to the versatility. Some of the key features of the Conair 14-Piece Grooming System are as follows:

Trimming Ability: There is a solid stainless steel blade that makes it a breeze to trim your beard every time. Also, the pivoting head can move in 5 positions.

Length Settings: Five stubble combs work together with 3-position taper control to provide up to 15 precision lengths. Then there are two jawline combs.

Battery Life: This trimmer provides 60 minutes of cordless operation.

Additional Features: The non-slip rubberized grip and contoured body design make it easy and comfortable to use while providing you with total control.


  • 15 precision length settings
  • Highly durable and long-lasting stainless steel blades


  • It takes around 16 hours to get a full recharge

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I adjust the length settings on these stubble trimmers?

Ans: Every trimmer comes with a lock mechanism to allow you to adjust the length. Most trimmers use a wheel based system.

2. Can I travel with these stubble trimmers?

Ans: All these trimmers are excellent travel companions because of their compact size and compatibility with different voltages.

3. How can I use all the features of an advanced stubble trimmer?

Ans: Every stubble trimmer comes with a manual that provides clear instructions of usage.

Our Top Pick

The SUPRENT Adjustable Beard Trimmer is our pick among these trimmers. That’s because it is an all-rounder with 19 length settings, powerful motor, titanium-coated stainless steel blades, decent 70 minutes of cordless operation, and more. Moreover, it can also be charged and used continuously with a USB charger. So, if you are searching for a high level of versatility and control, then it ticks all the right boxes.

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