The Philips Norelco series of beard trimmers stand out for their features that make trimming a great experience. The series has many models, each one having its own set of advantages. Most of the models feature double-sided, self-sharpening stainless steel blades. Some even have Chromium steel and titanium blades.

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Top 12 Philips Norelco Beard Trimmers

There are many models in this series; therefore, choosing the right one can be a challenge. Here you can examine the characteristics and benefits of the top 12 Norelco trimmers from the Philips brand.

1. Philips Norelco Multigroom All-In-One Trimmer Series 5000 MG5750/49

Philips Norelco Multigroom All-In-One Trimmer Series 5000 With 18Piece, No blade oil Needed, MG5750

It is the perfect all-in-one trimmer for your complete grooming needs. That’s because it is a versatile Philips Norelco trimmer that comes with 18 pieces. You can trim face and body hair with ease and exceptional control.

Trimming Ability: It has tempered steel blades with anti-rusting properties that make its edges self-sharpen. Moreover, the blades can be rinsed clean. It also comes with a unique DualCut technology that features twice the self-sharpening blades that can last more than four years.

Adjustability: The Series 5000 has 18 pieces that help you meet all your trimming needs for the face, body, head, and even nose and ear hair.

Battery Life: It has a Li-Ion battery that can last 3 hours on a single charge. However, you can also use it while charging. The battery can charge entirely merely within 1 hour.

Motor: There is an all-metal motor with tempered steel for optimal power and torque.

Additional Features: The support of cutting guards can prevent any risks of uneven or unexpected results. Moreover, it features a non-slip rubber grip for excellent control and comfort.


  • The battery can last for up to 3 hours on a charge of just 1 hour
  • High torque and power


  • Needs a low-battery indicator
Philips Norelco Multi Groomer, 29 Piece Men's Grooming Kit MG7791 40 - No Blade Oil Needed

The Norelco Multigroom 7000 takes your trimming experience to the next level. It features a 29-piece grooming kit with everything that you will need for the perfect experience.

Trimming Ability: It has DualCut blades that provide optimal precision for trimming anywhere, including the face, body, and head. It is further simplified with the 29-piece kit.

Battery Life: The Li-Ion battery lasts up to 6 hours of operation on a single charge. It can also automatically adjust on 110V to 240V for charging, making it a perfect trimmer to have while traveling. There is also a unique 5-minute quick charge feature.

Additional Features: It is a washable trimmer that can be rinsed clean. The unique non-slip rubber grip provides further control.


  • Lasts a staggering 6 hours of operation
  • The 29-piece unit offers high versatility


  • Smaller size may be a concern for some users
Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 5100, BT5215 41, Cordless Groomer for Men and Hair Clipper with Body Comb

This cordless trimmer is a versatile tool that you can use on your face, body, or head. Its 5-attachment set makes it possible to achieve smooth and even trim every time.

Trimming Ability: It allows you to cut your hair, beard, and body hair with utmost precision. Five attachments provide you all the flexibility. Moreover, it has self-sharpening blades made of high-quality steel. Also, the unique comb will lift and guide hair into these blades. The edges have a unique double-sharpened feature, which ensures the cutting of more hair during each pass.

Adjustability: There are 17 different lengths to choose from, 0.4mm to 7mm for little trimming and 7mm to 13mm for long trimming.

Battery Life: The battery can last up to 70 minutes of use after just 60 minutes of charging.

Additional Features: The trimmer head can be washed and rinsed with ease. It also features an exclusive rounded contour comb technology to prevent any skin irritation.


  • Provides up to 17-length settings


  • Battery life is short
Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000, with Storage Case MG5760 40

Firstly, it is an all-in-one trimmer that provides you high level of precision. You can create your look and style using its 18 attachment kit. Besides, you can use it for trimming hair anywhere on your body, including your face, hair, and elsewhere.

Trimming Ability: Special DualCut technology features twice the number of blades. These steel blades have self-sharpening properties, ensuring that its sharpness retains for more than four years.

Adjustability: There are 13 reinforced guards to provide smooth trimming experience. Moreover, the extra-wide design allows you to cut more hair in each stroke. This trimmer is also suited for trimming ear and nose hair without any issues.

Battery Life: The reliable Li-Ion battery can last up to 3 hours of continuous operation. It takes just 1 hour to get a full charge.

Additional Features: You can rinse the blades and guards with water. That’s because they have non-corrosive and water-resistant properties. Also, its exceptional no-slip rubber grip provides optimal comfort and control.


  • A single charge lasts up to 3 hours


  • Instances of randomly turning on
Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 5000, BT5511 49, electric, cordless, one pass beard and stubble trimmer with washable feature for easy clean, Black and Silver

This Norelco Beard Trimmer is an advanced cordless trimmer for your beard and stubble trimming requirements. It can also work as an excellent hair-cutter. In short, it helps achieve an even trim from all angles and comes with stunning 40-length settings.

Trimming Ability: It features advanced DualCut steel blades that provide a positive trim in a single pass. The unique Lift-And-Trim PRO system further ensures that even the small hair cut through it. It has self-sharpening blades that last long.

Adjustability: There are 40 trimming lengths to choose from, in increments of 0.2mm from 0.4mm to 20mm. You can easily set the measures by using a spinning zoom wheel.

Battery Life: The Li-Ion battery lasts up to 90 minutes of operation. It takes just 1 hour to get a full charge.

Additional Features: The design of this electric trimmer enables ease of use and cleaning. Also, it is easily washable.


  • There are 40-length settings
  • Ensures even trim every time


  • A single charge lasts only 90 minutes
Philips Norelco QG3330 60, Multigroom 3100

The Philips Norelco Multigroom 3100 is the perfect trimmer for achieving your unique facial style and all-body trimming and hair-cutting needs. It has 18-length settings and features advanced Chromium steel to provide optimal performance.

Trimming Quality: It is designed for versatile trimming and cutting purposes all over the body – beard, hair, and nose trimming. Furthermore, it features Chromium steel blades with self-sharpening properties. The distinctive rounded blade tips prevent any kind of skin irritation during usage.

Adjustability: There are 18 different lengths available. You can set these lengths from 3mm to 20mm in 1mm increments. Thus, it is a highly precise trimmer allowing you to create the most exquisite details and lines.

Battery Life: The battery lasts for 60 minutes of use and requires 10 hours to get a full charge.

Additional Features: It is designed to be fully washable. You can rinse it quickly after use. It also has five attachments to help you achieve your custom looks. Moreover, you can also use it without a comb to get your desired style.


  • Highly versatile trimmer


  • Takes 10 hours to charge which is higher as compared to other trimmers
Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 3500, QT4018/49, Cordless Mustache and Beard Groomer

It is an advanced trimmer in the 3500 Series in the Philips Norelco brand. Yet, it stands out for its titanium blades and 20-length settings. It has self-sharpening razors, long-lasting Li-Ion battery, and skin-friendly features.

Trimming Quality: It is one of the rare few trimmers with self-sharpening titanium blades. The blades ensure effective trimming and also prevent any kind of skin irritation.

Adjustability: There are 20 lengths to select from, ranging from 0.5mm to 10mm. A zoom wheel allows a comfortable length setting.

Battery Life: The Li-Ion battery lasts up to 120 minutes on a charge of 1 hour.

Additional Features: It has washable heads that are quite easy to clean. Also, it is an excellent travel companion because it can work on different voltages ranging from 100V to 240V. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use and access difficult to reach areas.


  • Unique titanium blades
  • Up to 20-length settings
  • Delivers up to 2 hours of run-time with 1-hour charge


  • Plastic guard needs careful handling
Philips Norelco GoStyler, Trim and Shape, model FS9185 49

A trimmer is a means of achieving a unique style that results in high accuracy. The design of this all-in-one trimmer and cutter fulfills this goal.

Trimming Quality: It features the Dual Cut technology that ensures two times sharpening. Moreover, it helps achieve highly precise edges, lines, and contours.

Adjustability: It comes with five attachments for all-body trimming, hair-cutting, and shaping functions. Moreover, the precision combs allow you to select the precise length – 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm.

Additional Features: You can easily wash and rinse this trimmer. It is a water-resistant trimmer. Thus, there is no need to use oil for the blades. Also, the soft rubber grip means optimum comfort and control. You can also use this trimmer in the shower.



  • Only three length settings
Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3100 with adjustable length settings (Model # QT4000 42)

It provides a perfect, hassle-free cutting of beard. There are 10-length settings, a unique locking system, attachment-free custom trimming, and lastly, precise trimming every time.

Trimming Quality: It has self-sharpening chromium steel blades. Rounded tips together with the combs prevent any potential skin irritation. These blades have titanium coating.

Adjustability: There are ten different length settings available in this trimmer. The length settings can be easily locked in place, ensuring an even trim. Besides, you can set the length from 1mm to 10mm.

Battery Life: The battery requires 10 hours to get a complete recharge. It lasts for up to 45 minutes of operation.

Additional Features: The trimmer has a washable head. So, you can quickly rinse it under a faucet. It has a maintenance-free operation and doesn’t require any oiling. The ergonomic design further makes it easy to hold even for long durations.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Ten different length settings


  • Requires 10 hours to charge for 45 minutes of operation
Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro, Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver with Charging Stand and Precision Comb, QP6520 70

It is a versatile electric trimmer that can trim, shave, and edge all hair lengths. There are 14-length settings that you can adjust while cutting. It features a replaceable blade. Moreover, you can also use it for wet trimming.

Trimming Quality: As the name suggests, there is a replaceable dual-sided blade that can last for more than four months. It features a faster cutter than its predecessor model. There is a dual protection system that provides a comfortable shave even if you have a long beard. There is a unique property that prevents it from delivering a too-close shave to ensure comfort. The lightweight handle makes it a breeze to shave and edge. It can provide a clean trim by following the facial contours.

Battery Life: It has a Li-Ion battery that takes just 1 hour to get a full charge and lasts up to 90 minutes.

Additional Features: It can work in all voltage conditions, ranging from 100V to 240V. Also, it can be rinsed clean with ease.


  • Lasts up to 90 minutes after just 1 hour of charging
  • Perfect travel companion


  • Blade needs replacement after four months
Philips Norelco Multigroom 5100 Grooming Kit - 18 Length Settings QG3364 49

It is an all-in-one face and hair trimmer and cutter. It features seven tools to help you achieve all your styling requirements. Moreover, it also has nose trimming capabilities.

Trimming Quality: There are seven tools for creating all types of styles. The self-sharpening blades are made of chromium steel. The rounded blade tips prevent any potential skin irritation. These blades are powered by a turbo power button that ensures smooth and gentle trimming, even on the thickest hair. In short, it is the perfect trimmer for creating fine lines, details, and contours.

Adjustability: There are 18 different length settings to choose from – 3mm to 20mm. Thus, it allows you to get precise control over the hair length and beard style.

Battery Life: It is powered by a Li-Ion battery that lasts up to 60 minutes and requires 60 minutes to charge. You can also find a 5-minute quick charge feature for emergency trimming needs.

Additional Features: Well, it is a versatile trimmer that works in voltages ranging from 100V to 240V. It is a washable trimmer.


  • Excellent trimmer for travel


  • Battery lasts only up to 60 minutes
Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 1000 BT1217 70

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 1000 gives you an even trim every time. That’s because it contains four special combs to provide control over your style. It is a rechargeable trimmer with self-sharpening blades.

Trimming Quality: It has self-sharpening stainless steel blades. The blades brush against each other to maintain their sharpness. The rounded edge provides a smooth cut without any skin irritation.

Adjustability: You can use four unique impact-resistant combs for the perfect beard and stubble.

Battery Life: The trimmer can run cordless for up to 60 minutes. However, it requires 8 hours to get a full charge. There is a low-battery indicator too.

Additional Features: There is a travel lock feature which ensures that the trimmer will not turn on accidentally.


  • Features 4 impact-resistant combs


  • It takes 8 hours of charging for 60 minutes of use

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the Philips Norelco beard trimmers compatible with different voltages?

Ans: This depends on the model. However, most models can work on 100V to 240V, making them excellent travel companions.

2. Can these trimmers be used both cordless and corded?

Ans: Nevertheless, it depends on the model. Some models are also designed to be used corded.

3. Can these Philips Norelco beard trimmers be used for a close shave in delicate, private areas?

Ans: Yes, these trimmers are designed for that. But, all it requires is careful maneuvering.

Our Top Pick

The Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 is our top pick for obvious reasons. That’s because this 29-piece grooming kit provides you with all the versatility you can imagine. It can work on different voltages, and the battery lasts up to 6 hours of operation. Besides, it carries all the technologies common to the Norelco series.

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