Conair is one of the best-known brands for beard trimmers. The company has been making a wide range of grooming systems and other small appliances since the late 1950s.

Its grooming systems include hair and beard trimmers and clippers, shavers, haircut kits, epilators, hairdryers, styling tools, accessories, and brushes, among others. Besides, this brand stands out for its high-quality and innovative tools for both the genders.

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Top 7 Conair Beard Trimmers

Conair has dozens of beard trimmers in its collection. So, this can make it difficult for you to choose a groomer that is perfect for your needs.

You should consider the blades, length settings, attachments, battery, and several additional features when making the right choice of Conair beard trimmers. So, let’s find out which top models of the Conair brand have a place on our list.

1. ConairMAN Beard And Mustache Trimmer – Model GMT100R

ConairMAN Beard and Mustache Trimmer, Battery Powered Beard and Mustache Trimmer

It is a beard and mustache trimmer with detachable stainless steel blades. It is battery operated trimmer having 5-position taper cutting comb and nose and ear trimming attachments. As a result, it provides all the basics required to achieve a subtle style or a bold look or something in between. This ConairMAN trimmer provides a clean, convenient, and comfortable shave every time.

Blades: It has an ultra-sharp stainless steel detachable blade that is quite easy to clean.

Length Settings: The 5-position adjustable comb provides a high level of flexibility. Besides, it comes with a nose trimmer and ear trimmer attachment.

Battery: It is a battery-operated beard trimmer and requires two AA batteries. However, these batteries are not provided in the package.

Additional Features: It is easy to clean the blades because they are easy to detach.


  • Ultra-sharp stainless steel blades
  • Lightweight design


  • Non-pluggable
ConairMAN All-In-1 Trimmer, Cordless/Rechargeable Beard and Mustache Trimmer

This ConairMAN Trimmer is an all-in-one trimmer. If you need a trimmer that is the complete package, then this is just the unit you will need. It is a rechargeable beard and mustache trimmer that allows you to create all styles and looks and essential day-to-day maintenance. So, it is the perfect beard and face grooming kit for all style lovers out there.

Blades: It has durable, self-sharpening stainless steel blades that last long. Moreover, these blades are detachable. The full-size blade measures 30mm, whereas the detailing blade 8mm. However, both are made from professional-grade, ground SS steel.

Length Settings: The kit includes a full-size trimmer, nose, and ear attachment. Besides, you also get a 5-position flexible comb. The package also contains three special jawline combs along with an adapter.

Battery: There is no need for batteries, thus saving you an adequate amount of time and money.

Additional Features: It has an elegant silver finish with a premium feel.


  • Self-sharpening detachable blades
  • Improved flexibility


  • Needs longer battery life

The Conair 2-in-1 Clipper and Trimmer is a 24-piece grooming kit with up to 50 settings. It is a versatile and extremely comfortable and convenient trimmer to use. Besides, it has a new DC motor that provides 50% more power and a turbo feature that increases the power by 15%. In short, it is an all-in-one beard trimmer that allows close fade style, goatee detailing, and highly precise bead.

Blades: There are two removable blades made of durable stainless steel – one for cutting your hair and the other for trimming facial hair. Also, the hair clipping blade is designed for providing extremely-close fades and bald styling. The facial blade is designed to allow detail styling and precision beard styles.

Motor: The trimmer has 15% more power than its predecessor. Additionally, it has a DC motor with 50% more cutting power. Moreover, the turbo button further gives you an additional 15% boost.

Length Settings: It has 5-position taper control and provides ultra-close fade styling. Besides, it also has nine comb attachments, three jawline combs, mustache comb, styling comb, and a pair of barber scissors to give you all the versatility you will need. You can create a highly precise beard and goatee detailing with ease. The trimmer provides optimal control and excellent versatility with its 50 settings.

Additional Features: It is an elegant-looking trimmer from Conair with its bold accents. The rubber grip provides optimal comfort, even when used for a long time. Moreover, it has a no-slip grip that gives you all the control you will need. It comes with oil and cleaning brush to maintain clean blades.


  • 50 settings
  • Turbo button
  • Multiple attachments for high versatility


  • None found yet
Conair CNRGMT10CSB All-In-One Beard And Mustache Trimmer

It is a cordless trimmer with all the features required for facial styling and grooming. Also, it has removable stainless steel blades and a multi-position adjustable comb for versatility.

Blades: It uses durable and detachable stainless steel blades that provide a clean and comfortable trim and cut every time.

Motor: This trimmer provides a quiet and smooth operation.

Length Settings: It comes with a 5-position flexible comb along with two separate jawline combs for precision detailing. Moreover, it features 3-position taper control that provides more flexibility. As a result, it makes it easy to customize the contours on your face.

Battery: It is a cordless trimmer that you can recharge quickly and put in use. It comes with an adapter. However, it is essential to give it an initial charge for 12 hours before using it.

Additional Features: The blades are easy to remove, making them easy to clean thoroughly.


  • Value for money trimmer


  • Overall basic design
ConairMAN Rechargeable Beard and Mustache Trimmer, 39 Total Settings with Hair Collector

This ConairMAN rechargeable trimmer has a staggering 39 settings for styling your face. Moreover, it has unique Razor-sharp blades, 60-minutes of cordless operation, and many other features. Besides, it also has a hair collector.

Blades: The chemically etched, razor-sharp blades give you a 60-degree trimming arc. So, you get a clean and sharp cut every time.

Length Settings: There are 39 settings to choose from, allowing you to achieve any style with your beard or mustache. So, you can set this length from 1mm to 20mm. As a result, this trimmer is perfect for maintaining anything from a stubble to a long beard.

Battery: The battery can provide up to 60 minutes of cordless operation out of this trimmer.

Additional Features: There is a hair collector for catching all the hair. Thus, it ensures that the floor and surroundings remain clear.


  • Provides up to 60 minutes of smooth cordless operation
  • 39 settings
  • 1-20mm length settings
  • Hair collector


  • Teeth seem to be small for longer comb settings
ConairMAN Lithium Ion Powered All-In-1 Men’s Trimmer, Cordless/Rechargeable

The ConairMAN (GMTL1R) is one of the best all-in-one trimmers in this list. Well, you can use it for beard and mustache grooming and also maintaining your hair. It features a powerful Li-Ion battery, multiple attachments, and extra-sharp stainless steel blades.

Blades: The all-in-one trimmer has a self-sharpening, stainless steel blade.

Length Settings: It comes with three jawline combs along with a 6-position adjustable comb to create different beard lengths and a stubble comb. So, it is a versatile groomer that allows you to be your own barber. It can also be used as a nose and ear detail trimmer.

Battery: A Lithium-Ion battery powers this trimmer. It is necessary to charge it for up to three hours before using the groomer for the first time.

Additional Features: It has a no-slip grip for a comfortable grip and excellent control. The detachable SS blade is easy to clean. This trimmer is meant for dry use only.


  • Self-sharpening stainless steel blade


  • Designed for dry use only
Conair 13-Piece Rechargeable All-In-One Beard & Mustache Trimmer Grooming System

The Conair GMT189RES is also an all-in-one groomer for your beard and mustache. It is an efficient trimmer and even features and elegant design. Besides, it makes it a breeze to shape and detail your beard and mustache.

Blades: It features a razor blade and an eyeliner blade. The unique diamond sharpened blades make even the most challenging and thickest beard easy to trim or detail. It has a T blade with a broader sweep. The blade design also makes it easy to get a precise cut and outline.

Motor: The turbo button increases its power by 15%, providing you more cutting/trimming power.

Length Settings: It is a highly versatile groomer that you can also use for eye-lining and nose and ear hair trimming. It comes with three beard combs, a mustache comb, and a 5-position adjustable comb.

Battery: This is a rechargeable trimmer and can be used both corded and cordless.

Additional Features: This trimmer has a multi-purpose handle. Make sure you use lubricating oil for the blades.


  • Multiple blades including T blade
  • Turbo feature for more power


  • Battery life could have been longer

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do warranties cover these Conair beard trimmers?

Ans: You can expect these models to have anything from 2-year to 5-year limited warranties. However, note that the type and overall duration of the warranty depend on the model.

2. Can I use these Conair trimmers when traveling?

Ans: Yes, all these beard trimmers are rechargeable and can be used both cordless and corded. They are also suitable to work at a wide range of voltages.

3. Can I trim ear and nose hair using these Conair trimmers?

Ans: Some of these beard trimmers allow you to manage your ear and nose hair as well. Moreover, some units also come with eye-lining blades.

Our Top Pick

The ConairMAN GMT299 is our top pick among these beard trimmers. Firstly, it is an all-in-one groomer with up to 39 settings. It also features a hair collector. Moreover, it provides up to 60 minutes of cordless runtime. The chemically etched Razor-sharp blades make it a breeze to trim and cut beard or hair. Besides, it provides a high degree of versatility with its attachments and length settings from 1mm to 20mm. All other models also have better performance.

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