Andis has built a reputation in the market for its vast range of reliable beard trimmers. Besides, the brand offers dozens of trimmers, each one designed to address unique requirements. It includes corded and cordless units with rotary and pivot motors.

So, with so many options available, it can be a little challenging to determine which one is right for your needs.

best andis beard trimmers review

Top 8 Andis Beard Trimmers

When it comes to choosing the perfect Andis beard trimmer, you should evaluate many factors. Some of the most important ones among these factors include the quality of blades, motor, the length settings, battery life, and ergonomics. So, here are 8 of the top Andis beard trimmers for you to consider.

1. Andis Cord/ Cordless Shaver – Model 17150

Andis 17150 Pro Foil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver, Cord Cordless (Grey)

If you are looking for an excellent beard trimmer from Andis, then the 17150 can be the right option. It has a unique design that adapts to your facial contours. Moreover, it has a relatively long battery life and a powerful motor that makes trimming and shaving much more comfortable.

Blades: The blade is made using gold titanium alloy. The unique hypoallergenic foil further makes it safer to use with different types of skin. You can use it even if you have issues such as sensitive skin. The unique staggered-head design allows you to get a close shave every time, without any irritation. The octagonal foil shape further makes it easier to feed the hair. Each cutter blade has two independent drive shafts that further improve the performance.

Motor: It has a powerful rotary motor that ensures effortless shaving and trimming.

Length Settings: This is a versatile beard trimmer that you can use for everything, including managing your stubble to creating the perfect hairstyle. Besides, you will also find it to be ideally suited for maintaining bald and fade haircuts.

Battery Life: This trimmer can provide up to 80 minutes of cordless operation on a full recharge. Furthermore, the Li-Ion battery is reliable and ensures optimal power throughout the duration.

Additional Features: It is a lightweight trimmer that weighs just 5 Oz and provides an effortless trimming experience.


  • Dual independent driveshafts
  • Offers overall 80 minutes of operation on a single charge


  • Body construction could be better
Andis Pro All-in-One Lightweight Cord/Cordless Multigroom Turbo-Powered Beard Mustache Trimmer with 4 Attachment Combs

It is a powerful, all-in-one beard trimmer that one can use both corded and cordless. It features ultra-sharp carbon-steel blades, contour adjustability, ergonomic design, and a powerful battery, among other benefits. So, it can just be the perfect trimmer offering everything you may need.

Blades: The carbon-steel blades are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel. They have been hardened to provide long-life trimming. The blades offer an irritation-free trimming experience even if you have highly sensitive skin. Moreover, the fine-cutting teeth provide close cutting, making them perfect for styling. Also, these are detachable blades, making it easy to clean.

Motor: The powerful, turbo rotary motor makes trimming easy and quick. Besides, it runs silently and smoothly and stays cool for longer.

Length Settings: The trimmer comes with four attachment combs. It allows you to set lengths from 1/16 inch to 3/8 inch.

Battery Life: This Andis beard trimmer is powered by a NiMH battery that takes up to 2 hours for a full recharge.

Additional Features: The contoured housing design allows you to trim or shave the hard-to-reach areas easily. Moreover, there is a unique hair guard to prevent hair build-up. The lightweight and ergonomic design make it easy to hold, and you can use the trimmer for long without your arms getting exhausted.


  • Detachable blades
  • Powerful rotary motor


  • No cons found yet
Andis 32655 Slim Line Pro Trimmer

As the name suggests, this is a compact and lightweight trimmer that is designed for light-duty trimming. The blades provide optimal performance with oil.

Blades: This trimmer has a close cutting T-Blade. The blades are made of advanced carbon-steel. The unique Comfort Edge finish provides an irritation-free trimming experience by preventing any nicks and scratches. Furthermore, the blade design enables efficient hair feeding, allowing faster and longer operation.

Motor: It has a balanced rotary motor that enables up to 5700 Strokes Per Minute.

Length Settings: It comes with four attachment combs that allow you to trim at different lengths ranging from 1/16-3/8 inch.

Battery Life: It comes with a unique charging dock and can get a full recharge overnight. Also, the trimmer is powered by a Ni-MH battery, which can provide enough charge for all-day light usage.


  • Compact & lightweight
  • Fast rotary motor


  • Some customers found the blade to be a little extra sharp, so be safe while trimming
Andis 04603 Go Professional Outliner II Square Blade Trimmer , Gray

If you need a trimmer that is perfect for dry shaving, fading, and outlining and doesn’t need to be corded, then the Andis 04603 is for you. It uses a magnetic motor, proven carbon-steel blade, and attachment combs. As a result, it gives you a clean and convenient trimming experience every time.

Blades: It uses close-cutting, carbon-steel blades. The blade is designed for zero-gapping. Besides, it is ideally suited for all-around dry-shaving, outlining, and fading. The blades have undergone special hardening to provide a long cutting life. It is a T-blade trimmer that offers clear and crisp outlines every time.

Motor: It uses powerful magnetic engines that provide high speeds and silent operation. Moreover, it can provide up to 7200 Strokes Per Minute.

Length Settings: This trimmer comes with attachment combs to help maintain consistency in cutting length and balanced shape.

Additional Features: The trimmer has an 8-foot, heavy-duty cord that features a hanger loop. So, it provides you lots of movement and flexibility around the power outlet. The contoured body design is perfect for gripping and feels comfortable on the hand, even when used for long. Lastly, it comes with a tube of blade oil for efficient blade maintenance.


  • High-speed magnetic motor


  • Corded trimmer
Andis Outlining T Blade Beard/Hair Trimmer, (PivotPro) Chrome Elevate, Model PMT-1 (25165)

Andis beard trimmers are not only reliable and efficient, but they are also elegant. The PMT-1 PivotPro is the perfect example of such a model. There is more to this beard and hair trimmer than the beautiful chrome finish on the top.

Blades: It has a stainless steel replacement blade. Besides, the T-blade makes it a breeze to trim beards, neckline, edging around your ears, and mustaches.

Motor: It has a pivot motor that generates up to 4 times the power of magnetic motor trimmers in its class. This motor also offers better control, allowing you to trim all hair/beard types. Also, it performs 3600 Strokes Per Minute.

Length Settings: It comes with four attachment combs. So, you can adjust the trimming or cutting length to 1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm, or 10 mm.

Additional Features: The trimmer comes with blade oil for smooth operation.


  • Features a powerful pivot motor
  • T-blade for easier and faster trimming and styling


  • Corded trimmer
Andis All-in-One Lightweight Cord/Cordless Multigroom Turbo-Powered Beard Mustache Trimmer with 6 Attachment Combs

It is a versatile beard trimmer from Andis that works as an all-in-one multi-groomer. Also, it features fine-cutting teeth that enable close cutting, making this trimmer perfect for design work and fading.

Blades: This trimmer uses precision, carbon-steel blades. They have been hardened to increase the cutting life. Moreover, the blades are detachable, making it easier to clean and change them.

Motor: The magnetic engine is powerful and delivers very high speed. It can run silently and doesn’t heat up. Moreover, it stands out for its lightweight.

Length Settings: The trimmer comes with six attachment combs. The lengths are set innovatively – 6mm, 10mm, and 13mm. Thus, it becomes easier for you to set a range depending on the growth for a specific number of days.

Battery Life: Firstly, it can be used both corded and cordless. You can carry it anywhere, including your gym or on a trip. Moreover, it is a dual voltage trimmer and is suited for use anywhere in the world.

Additional Features: This is a lightweight trimmer. Besides, the ergonomic design makes it even easier to hold and use in hard-to-reach areas. The contoured housing further adds to the convenience. There is a unique hair guard to prevent the build-up of hair.


  • Versatile unit with up to 6 attachments
  • Powerful turbo rotary motor


  • None found yet
Andis Professional Slimline Cord/Cordless Trimmer - 6000SPM (Slimline Ion)

A powerful motor can make your trimming experience much more relaxed and quicker. This Andis Professional SlimLine Trimmer features a powerful rotary motor with 6000 SPM that provides a high level of flexibility. Moreover, it has a lightweight and sleek design and many features that make it an excellent beard trimmer for optimal convenience and speed. However, it is ideally suited for light-duty use and necklines.

Blades: It has carbon-steel blades that can last long. The blade set is easy to remove and replace.

Motor: It has an improved rotary motor over its predecessor. So, it has more power, speed, and life and performs up to 6000 SPM.

Length Settings: It comes with four attachment combs that allow you to set the desired lengths.

Battery Life: This trimmer can provide up to 120 minutes of cordless operation on a full charge, which is excellent for such a powerful motor. Besides, a full recharge takes just 135 minutes to complete.

Additional Features: It has a balanced, ergonomic design with a comfortable grip for easy use for long periods. The lightweight further contributes to the ease of use. Also, the trimmer comes with a unique charging stand and blade oil.


  • Provides up to 2 hours of cordless operation
  • Faster & more powerful 6000 SPM rotary motor


  • Zero-gapped trimming may require some adjustment
Andis 24075 Pivot Motor Adjustable Blade Clipper/Trimmer Hair Cutting Combo Kit, Black

A more powerful trimmer motor makes it easier to maintain your beard and hair. This Andis beard trimmer and clipper is a versatile unit with a powerful pivot motor. Besides, it has nine clipper attachments and four trimmer attachments that provide exceptional versatility.

Blades: It has a fixed and adjustable T-blade. The blades are made of stainless steel. This trimmer is ideally suited for trimming, outlining, close-cutting, etc.

Motor: The trimmer/clipper has a powerful pivot motor that can perform at 3600 SPM. The 4X power compared to magnetic motors makes it a breeze to deal with even the thickest and most challenging beard and hair. It can produce faster strokes and remains cool after prolonged use.

Length Settings: The clipper attachments allow different lengths. The four trimmer combs allow length settings of 1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm, and 10mm. So, this makes it a highly versatile trimmer/clipper for grooming necklines, goatees, etc.

Additional Features: It comes with 8 feet of heavy-duty cord featuring hanger loops that help prevent tangles. It is necessary to oil the blade for smoother use.


  • Four times more powerful motor than magnetic motors
  • 13 attachments for versatility
  • Adjustable and fixed blades


  • Corded trimmer

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of battery do these Andis trimmers have?

Ans: The cordless/corded trimmers can have Li-Ion or Ni-MH batteries. However, you will have to plug-in the corded trimmers while in use.

2. Can I use these Andis trimmers for clipping my hair?

Ans: Some of these units are highly versatile and can be used as hair clippers as well.

3. How do I adjust the hair/beard length settings for these Andis trimmers?

Ans: All these trimmers come with attachment combs that allow you to set the desired length.

Our Top Pick

The Andis Model- 24075 is our top pick among these Andis beard trimmers. It is a highly versatile tool that you can use for both trimming beards and clipping hair. It comes with nine clippers and four trimmer attachments for a wide range of length settings. Besides, it runs on a powerful pivot motor with 3600 SPM. Moreover, it has both adjustable and fixed blades that further add to operational versatility.

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