If you like to maintain your beard, then you might know how important it is to have the right grooming tools. An adjustable beard trimmer can provide you with all the flexibility you will need. It allows you not just to adjust the length settings but gives you overall control over the detailing and contouring as well.

best adjustable beard trimmers

Top 5 Adjustable Beard Trimmers

You will come across many options while looking for the best adjustable beard trimmer. There are various models from different brands. Thus, it is crucial to pick the right device after comparing the essential factors.

1. Rozia Beard Trimmer

Beard Trimmer for Men Hair Clipper Hybrid Electric Shaver for Men Electric Razor Rechargeable Razor Waterproof USB Charging Replacement Adjustable Comb

This Rozia adjustable beard trimmer features a unique I-Blade technology and provides exceptional adjustability with its 20-locking length settings. Moreover, there is multi-layer skin protection, waterproof feature, and USB charging for convenience.

Blade: It features a special skin-friendly steel blade. The use of I-Blade technology with unique rounded tips provides smoother skin contact. Besides, the blades are at 45° acute angle. It has the most excellent cutting ability in the segment due to its exceptional sharpness.

Adjustability: It comes with a 0.5mm precision guide comb. Here you get 20 length settings to choose from, allowing you to create a style of your choice. Besides, it has an extra feature of ten layers of skin protection that makes use of soft silicon. So, it helps in protecting even the most sensitive skin and prevents trace shaving.

Battery & Charging: It has a Li-Ion battery that you can charge using a USB cable. The trimmer also features a powerful motor. The efficient trimmer can provide up to 60 minutes of trimming after 120 minutes of full recharge. The USB charging feature makes it the perfect travel companion.

Additional Features: You can use this trimmer for both dry and wet shaving since it is waterproof. Moreover, you can use it for all-body trimming and shaving. You can also choose to use it with or without gel or cream.


  • 20 length settings
  • Waterproof trimmer


  • Build construction could have been better
Beard Trimmer Hair Clipper - Liberex Professional Cordless Electric Men Facial Mustache Stubble Edger Grooming Kit Trimming Haircuts Shaver with 9 Adjustable Trim Settings, Battery Operated

The Liberex Professional Cordless Electric trimmer is a complete grooming kit for taking care of your beard, mustache, and hair. Moreover, it has multiple adjustable settings, a powerful motor, and a unique safety lock switch.

Blade: The steel blade is precision set at 45°. It ensures that each trimming session is perfect, comfortable, and offers complete control. So, whether you want to groom your beard, hair, or mustache, this is the ideal tool. Also, the unique R-Shape Edge design helps in protecting your skin.

Adjustability: It comes with nine length settings that range from 2mm to 18mm. You can quickly change the length by using a sliding guard. Moreover, the lock-in comb further allows you to get an even trim every time. You can get 0.5mm to 1.5mm cutting length without using the lock-in attachment.

Battery & Charging: The battery can last for 60 minutes of cordless operation.

Additional Features: It has a powerful motor that operates without emitting much noise. Besides, the unique safety lock switch allows locking the guard. So, the length settings stay in place. Moreover, you can also set the travel lock to prevent any risk of activation.


  • Angled blade
  • Safe-lock feature


  • Cutting with the guard-on might be difficult
HATTEKER Beard Trimmer Kit For Men Cordless Mustache Trimmer Hair Trimmer Groomer Kit Precision Trimmer Nose Hair Trimmer Waterproof USB Rechargeable 5 In 1

It is an all-in-one, best trimmer for all your grooming needs. You can also use it for trimming nose hair. It is a 5 in 1 multi-function grooming kit with multiple length settings, has USB charging, and is washable. Moreover, this 16-piece kit provides you with everything needed to keep a tab over your styling at all times.

Blade: This trimmer has stainless steel blades that offer a clean trim or cut every time you use it. Besides, there are two sets of blades – standing and moving. They have a precision gap and provide a trim close to the skin. Also, these blades are designed to generate low friction heat. So, it means that you don’t have to worry about your skin getting scalded by hot blades.

Adjustability: The slide switch feature allows you to set precision cutting length. Choose from 3 different settings, from 0.8mm to 1.8mm. Besides, you can also use the adjustable beard trimmer combs to set ranges from 3mm to 6mm, and hair trimmer combs for 6mm to 15mm. There is also another comb that allows you to set lengths from 1mm to 10mm. Also, there are a total of 6 guide combs.

Battery & Charging: The Li-Ion battery provides 60 minutes of cordless operation. Moreover, it can allow you to complete up to 20 trimming sessions. Also, it takes just 90 minutes for the battery to get a full charge. You can charge this trimmer quickly by using a USB connection. Furthermore, there is an LED display that shows the battery status and charging status.

Additional Features: This HATTEKER beard trimmer is fully washable. However, it is necessary to allow it to dry in the open before storing it away.


  • Multiple length settings
  • LED display


  • Needs more durable construction
Gaeruo Adjustable Men's Electric Beard Trimmer With Dial (3rd Gen) Quick Charge Cordless 19 Length Setting, All in 1 Trimmer Rechargeable Lithium Ion for Body, Mustache, Hair

This Gaeruo Adjustable beard trimmer features an easy-to-use dial, 19 length settings, powerful battery and motor, and lots more. So, you can use it for all-body trimming and cutting purposes. Moreover, it has SS blades set at a specific angle that provide a comfortable trimming experience every time.

Blade: It uses stainless steel blades set at 45° to provide high-precision, easy, and quick trim every time. Besides, the trimmer is powered by a powerful motor that makes trimmer even easier. This motor can complete up to 6000 rotations per minute.

Adjustability: The dial allows you to choose from 19 length settings with a high level of precision. Besides, you can easily adjust the length from 0.5mm to 10mm with steps of 0.5mm. Moreover, the self-lock feature allows you to get precision trimming without the need for using a wide range of attachments.

Battery & Charging: This trimmer supports USB charging. Also, the Li-Ion battery provides up to 60 minutes of cordless operation after a full recharge that takes 180 minutes. Besides, the unique Quick Charge technology allows you to complete enough charging for 5 minutes of use. There is also an intuitive LED display that shows the charging and battery statuses.

Additional Features: It is quite easy to disassemble the cutting head and comb for cleaning purposes.


  • Powerful 6000rpm motor
  • 19 length settings
  • LED display


  • Length adjustments can sometimes be hard to turn
Remington PG6170 Crafter trim & Detail Kit, Men's Groomer, Beard Trimmer with Titanium-Coated Blades (12Piece), Copper

The Remington PG6170 Crafter is a 12-piece grooming kit that provides you with everything required for convenience, speed, and safe trimming. It is part of the Remington Beard Boss kit, designed for precision trimming and detailing.

Blade: Firstly, this trimmer features titanium coated precision-cut blades. They are three times more durable and last much longer. At the same time, you can enjoy a smooth trim/cut every time no matter how thick the beard or hair is. Besides, there is a turbo mode that allows you to cut through the thick hair with the utmost ease.

Adjustability: There are 19 length settings to choose the best one. The adjustable comb alone supports ten length settings. The kit comprises of a full-sized trimmer, nose/ear hair trimmer, detail shaver, detail trimmer, five snap-on combs, and 10-length comb.

Battery & Charging: The powerful Li-Ion battery on this trimmer provides up to 180 minutes of operation.

Additional Features: Firstly, it is a 100% waterproof trimmer that can be used both dry and wet. Besides, you can also use it in the shower.


  • 100% waterproof
  • 19 length settings
  • Turbo mode
  • Titanium coated blades


  • Might have some difficulties in turning On or Off

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any warranties on these adjustable beard trimmers?

Ans: Each adjustable beard trimmer comes with a warranty or guarantees terms. For example, the HATTEKER Beard Trimmer comes with a 1-year guarantee.

2. Are these adjustable beard trimmers easy to use?

Ans: These adjustable trimmers have an ergonomic design. Thus, they are easy to hold and use for precision trimming.

3. Do these adjustable beard trimmers have display units?

Ans: Some of these beard trimmers do have display units that show you charging status and remaining battery.

Our Top Pick

The Remington PG6170 Crafter is our top pick here because of the versatility, ease of use, and power it offers. It has titanium coated blades, turbo mode, and 19 length settings. Moreover, it allows you to achieve any style and detailing with precision. Besides, the combo of a powerful motor and durable blades will enable you to cut through the thickest of the beard. Lastly, there is a powerful Li-Ion battery that supports up to 1.5 hours of cordless operation.

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